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The Land

The Land is located in Łochów, Poland


Our Vision

Creating an atmosphere of Joy, Love, Expression and Compassion that encourages awareness in all senses.

Opening a space for healing and introspection. Inspiring people to grow spiritually and personally and to develop a deep connection to themselves

and their potentials.

 Promoting an exchange between all cultures and ages with a feeling of Belonging, Curiosity, Kindness, Friendship, Understanding, Confidence, Courage and Hope.

What we offer

Alternative and complementary


The center involves the use of non-conventional practices in addition to standard treatment. The alternative programs includes dietary supplements, natural products, herbal recipes, various teas, massage therapy, music therapy, shiatsu therapy, meditation and spiritual healing, as well as, mind-body interventions, manipulative methods and energy therapies.



We want to offer workshops and courses in many different areas, for example:

  • Languages and educational courses for all ages

  • Art and Crafts

  • Nutrition and Cooking

  • Music and Dance

  • Shiatsu, Qi Gong and Yoga


Permaculture and contact with nature

By educational walks in the forest, the participants can learn a lot about the benefits of what each forest layer plays in the natural ecosystem. In addition to food and health, trees and plants can provide shade, mulch, building materials, windbreak, and animal habitat. 

We also want to build a glass house, which can create a self-sufficient environment. It brings the participant to be in contact with nature, to consume organic products and saving in the family budget. 

Planting Plants

How you can participate


We welcome volunteers from all over the world to stay with us for up to two months and share beautiful experiences with us. We are looking for people who want to serve their communities in all humanitarian needs; to encourage alernative Health, education and to promote culture exchange with a feeling of Belonging, Curiosity, Kindness, Friendship, Understanding, Confidence, Courage, and Hope.

University research

Our projects offer a place for research. Undergraduate or graduate students of physiology and biophysics, health sciences, natural sciences with concentrations in complementary medicine, body-mind integrative studies, wellness and alternative medicine studies can expand their medical knowledge with non-traditional therapeutic methods.

Health program, Workshops and Courses

We offer you an individual program, depending on your interests and the time you want to spend with us. It is totally up to you if you want to stay for a Weekend, a week or a month. Whether you want to take care of your emotional, mental and physical health or just learn new skills and connect in a beautiful atmosphere with people from all over the world. In all cases we have the right offer for you. Just contact us and we figure out together what fits you best.


We offer memberships for different amounts of time. During the time of the membership you have access to ALL our offerings and you can make use of them whenever you want to. For more information write us on facebook or call 0048 518 187 579.

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