Live Simply, Live Better!

As full time travellers We are offering YOU to feel as a warrior of the road &

 join us for one or two weeks in our new

adVANture "Traveling with consciousness!”  

self-confidence, determination, creativity, spontaneity & discipline are the side-effects of this experience! 

Join us for one or two weeks in our new advanture!

“We have been conditioned to work five days a week, one day to get waste & one day to pray! We have been conditioned to pay for the apartment that dog & cat take care of!

We have been conditioned to buy a 4x4 that waits for us outside of our workplace!!!” 

Why would you consider to start Van life?

“Warrior of Love jump into the beautiful unknown, allow the feeling of freedom to embrace you, give yourself a balanced life with more time for pursuing your passions and enjoyments!”  



Improves your flexibility, muscle strength and tone, helps to bring you more energy and vitality.

It contributes for cardio and circulatory health.​

Financial Freedom Workshops 

How to make money on the road:

 Polish your marketable skills & freelancing.

Make a decent income,  have more freedom, choose when, where, and how you work.

Motivation Coaching by LifeCoach& Healer Mao

Improve your performance,

reach your targets and goals.

Open yourself to personal development.

Gain ability to identify solutions to specific work-related issues, greater ownership and responsibility. 

Cooking healthy vegetarian meals together!!!

Camping, bonfires, sight-seeing connecting to nature...

Cultural Exchange!!!!

Learn about the world in a fun way! Practise languages and gain soul mates from all around the world!

Meet the team

 ...dancing in freedom!!


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Your life in the van

“We love our life style, so minimalistic and nomadic, it’s Lovely!

…We invite you to give it a try!” 

Our Beloved VW T3

Our authentic Volkswagen T3 van is a proper old-timer and given their age, in very good condition. However, a 30-year-old car behaves a bit differently to a new car. Everyone should be aware of that and treat them with as much appreciation as we do.

We have checked our bus closely with the experts. However, if situation occurs on the road, we'll be there for you 24 hours and do our best possible to eliminate every failure instantly.

10 Golden Caravan Rules 


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