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The Project

Welcome to the website of the first and only WWOOFing organic farm and educational center in El Salvador! Located at the site of a past Hare Krsna temple, this botanical compound is blooming year round right in the heart of the El Salvador´s most important agricultural area, el Valle de Zapotitan. Our bubble is surrounded by rivers, mountains, lakes, and volcanoes. 





Historical Background

  In 2005, we decided to bring something new and alternative to the new generations. Having had the chance to travel outside of El Salvador, we saw what exist and is happening outside of our borders. Unfortunately, El Salvador do not promote conscious agriculture, has little educational opportunities and often a very closed mind about future possibilities for the big majority. Kids are drawn to the street and end up struggling with themselves, lacking of support, inspiration and love.

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Our mission

Teaching and Empowering

We share the wonders of organic farming and sustainable lifestyle. Our organic country house (Quinta ecologica) empowers the kids to create environmental solutions in construction, utilizing recycled and organic materials (old tires, trash bottles, rocks, old wood, bamboo, etc.) We are working with the community to promote responsible land and resource management through environmental education. Projects are always on the move.

Gloria is co-founder of the Organic Farm "Bubble' and is a healer


Holistic Healing with Gloria

My  mission is helping women heal in order that we may have stronger, healthier families. When a woman is centered and happy everyone benefits: her family and her community. Gloria is an internationally known Spiritual Healer, Psychic, Author, Chef, Massage Therapist and Teacher. She offers one-on-one and group sessions.


“Empowering women through education and healing through therapeutic touch!”


True healing, as represented by the ancient lineage that is Sacred Esoteric Healing,  resolves the underlying root energetic cause,  so that there is nothing to resurface down the line.

With this understanding, the esoteric healing arts of which Sacred Esoteric Healing is a part, have a stated respect and appreciation for conventional medicine and the great benefit and assistance it can bring everyone. Health Practitioners of the esoteric healing therapies work closely with practitioners of conventional medicine and see that it is in the combination of the two, that a holistic approach can be offered to the client or patient. It is in the re-connection to her stillness within, facilitated by Sacred Esoteric Healing, that a woman can once more know herself from her innermost. Sacred Esoteric Healing supports the restoration of balance in a woman’s body, enabling her to live in honor of her inner rhythm in alignment with the natural cycles of her body that have the power to call to order the chaos of the world.

Many find this connection to this state through the quiet and stillness offered by Sacred Esoteric Healing, and have truly benefited in their personal health and overall lifestyle by being able to introduce this quality of the innermost into a way of daily living.

All women’s lives include a mixture of celebrations, challenges, and truly difficult moments. It’s my love and privilege to be present with women through it all.

I celebrate a woman’s reproductive lifecycle: supporting women with their first menstrual cycles, throughout their pregnancies, postpartum periods, and menopause.

I educate women about their bodies and how to address physical challenges:
unraveling the mysteries of the feminine body and how to address physical issues such as PMS, irregular or painful periods, ovarian cysts, fibroids, fertility challenges, pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence, and the discomforts of menopause. I counsel women who are healing from very difficult experiences: working with women who have experienced sexual abuse (in childhood or adulthood), incest, rape, psychological trauma, and traumatic births.


Together we identify triggers that may present mental and emotional challenges (especially as they may affect pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding) and we develop strategies to overcome them.

All of these are moments in a woman’s life that deserve to be supported.

Women’s Holistic Healing brings together my expertise, wisdom and skill of decades of working with women. My background includes nursing, nurse-midwifery, massage therapy, homeopathic and herbal medicine, and abdominal massage.

I worked with women in hospital and clinical settings for decades. I saw clearly what is missing there: the luxury of getting to know my clients by listening with my heart to what was both spoken and unspoken. When I developed a private practice, I put careful listening at the center. I am now able to offer more holistic and comprehensive treatment plans than I could before, including herbal medicine suggestions, homeopathy, and Bach Flower remedies.

Let's start living!


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Our Goal


  Having the old generation of students ready to take over the school, teaching and sharing all the knowledge they previously received to the new kids entering the program. Inspiring and acting as model for the local kids, they could altogether start to grow out the project on their own -Teaching and empowering them-

  We teaching them English and computer skills. We also have a collection of videos and documentaries available. Together we discusse different life subject and exchange ideas to bring the kids new perspectives and conceptions of the World as it could be and at the same time to accept it. 


Our investment
This project is the fruit of 8 years of personal investment as much as financial. It is a personal initiative.  For diverse reasons there is no official registration made with the government.

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Be part of it

Looking for volunteers 

We are looking for volunteers from all across the globe to come here and enjoy the beautiful experience that we cherish every day.

"Come and share your talents with us & the kids"
At the house we offer dorms, hammocks and camping spots. We have running water and toilets, tropical showers, communal kitchen, and an out door brick oven onsite. We offer our volunteers internship opportunities as well as affordable Spanish, French & English classes with Gloria, our in-house linguistics professor.


 Homemade organic products for purchase (bread, pizza, chocolate, jams, candy, honey, cheese) and more! Discover over 25 different tropical fruits, which you can learn how to pick straight from the tree, and almost as many vegetables, blooming all year round!

 Everybody is accepted. You'll be part of the everyday's life. We will ask you to choose a little project that you would like to develop. We believe that all of us has unique skills that can be shared with us, you don't need to be expert!


  • 1 week minimum of stay

  • $12 per night to help found our project


  We will provide you 3 vegetarian meals per day , yoga classes, vegetarian cousine classes, permaculture and a survival spanish class per week, all this included in that price. 

Special skill appreciated: permaculture, artcraft, teachers (languages and music), project development, social workers with kids.





We are part of WWOOF - World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms,  Couch Surfing,  Volunteer Work Exchange,, and