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“Each person has the right to reach their maximum potential!”

Since 2002 Mao has been practicing his Holy Trinity therapy, which provides an alignment in the frequencies of the body, mind and spirit. A well-balanced mind, body and soul leads to higher thoughts and a more rewarding lifestyle.

Mao embarked on deep research, which led him to the most sacred places on Earth, the Himalayas. His search for understanding took him to experience a spiritual life with Hindu and Buddhist Monks in India and learning the philosophy of the ancient wisemen and gurus. With a profound understanding of himself he went back to his roots, Latin America to his grandfather from the etnia Nahuatl Mayan Pipiles of Panchimalco in Central America: Tata Rosendo, who was its Shaman. Mao also became a student of Taita Lucho, one of the last indigenous healers from the Inga tribe in the Amazonia Jungle. Mao was initiated as a "Curandero de la palabra" healer of the word with Taita Lucho.

Mao was instructed and authorized by his grandfather to bring sacred knowledge and culture exchange around the world.

In 2008 he founded Casa Organica, a project for kids in El Salvador Central America, where he shared love and compassion with more than 500 students, most of them street kids without parents. He calls them the post war children "Hijos despues de la Guerra".

In 2015 he founded Madre Tierra Amor in Austria, a nonprofit organization, that is dedicated to empower people from different parts of the world to serve their communities in complex humanitarian needs.

Mao has held transformation talks and seminars in more than forty countries which has made him a master in personal development. Mao's teachings emphasise the importance of love, compassion, meditation, awareness, joy, courage, creativity, and humour.

As a world-class inspirational speaker, Mao turns pain into enlightenment and sees great potential in the human spirit and mind.

Mao has over 20 years’ experience of empowering individuals in achieving new heights of spiritual aliveness, wealth, and authentic success .

Pola Bany

"Freedom is my religion, Courage is my passport" ​

Joined the Madre Tierra Amor team when she was 19 years old.

She developed her own healing songs inspired by medicine visions and her own intuition. She also has her own blog FULL OF LOVE:

Where she shares her wisdom about the energy healing, healing power of crystals and sounds which she studies since she is 16.

Right now she is known for her online shop and making crystal talismans according to numerology, angelic tarot cards, healing process and astrology for people. On the road with Madre Tierra Amor she developed the Higher- Self Therapy which completes the ceremonies in a holistic way. In her Healing Sessions Pola combines the profound healing Power of crystals and sounds. For creating the sounds Pola uses different tools as well as her own angelic voice. Listen to Pola‘s songs here:

​ Pola is organising Madre Tierra Amor Ceremonies, Gatherings and other events. She is also leading the social media activities for Madre Tierra Amor. Most of the time Pola spends on full-filling her vision- so if you meet her do not be surprised she is talking about her projects for Madre Tierra Amor or if she is constantly involved in creating something! ​ There is no way back to the routine... I'm determined to reach my only goal in life- to understand myself. I'm discovering more with every step, every action, every moment. Life is a fascinating journey for me.

Martina Draganov

"The Key to Enjoyment, Happiness and Success, is to truly Love Yourself!"

Since an early age Martina has been curious to explore the world. Traveling more than 23 countries with a heart of a social anthropologist gave her self confidence and a life full of compassion.

As an artist, Martina is connected with each organic material that she uses in her creations. Everyone can feel the beauty of her intentions, dedication, spontaneity, and eternal love in each master piece which you can find in our webshop. 

In 2017 Martina got in contact with Kambo, the Frog Medicine, in Colombia. Learning from a long time experienced Practitioner, she got iniciated to provide Kambo. 

After years of being vegetarian and practicing meditation and alternative medicine on her own, she has combined different types of gentle body movements and breathing exercises into an amazing intuition awakening therapy in which she experiences an intense connection between physical body, emotional body and soul.


In 2018 Martina joined the Madre Tierra Amor school of consciousness team. Since then she is organising Seminars, Ceremonies and other Events in Europe to support the increasing number of members of the group.


Gudrun Völk

"Listen to your heartbeat, dance with the wind, move your body as if you are swimming in the ocean..."


Many years ago Gudrun heard a bird singing, that escaped from a cage...

Since then she shares her music with everyone, everywhere with every sound, mixing different cultures, impressions, rhythms and movements. Staying tuned, open, being herself... to find a way to express. Thats music for her. 

She started learning instruments when she was 6 years old: Flute, Piano, Guitar, Drums, Accordion and she developed her voice. With 16 years Gudrun gave lessons to her first students.

One of them was a 6 years old boy, who stole a rabbit and the marriage ring of his mother to show her  how much he loved this lessons.

After 45 years of experiences as a teacher Gudrun developed her own style of combining music and movements in order to heal with sounds and motion.

Since 2016 she ist mentoring the International Music Program in Madre Tierra Amor and supports the Team with her passionate cooking skills.

"Feeling yourself is a breakdown of every concept.

Erase old patterns, and you will raise in love for yourself...

this is, what music is causing!

When I sing, listening to sounds, that I produce, I recognize, how much power and beauty is inside me! This is, what I want to share with everyone!"

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