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Madre Tierra Amor

 Healing Ceremonies &

Awakening Seminars around Europe




 Mao is a great master, his words touched me deep and motivated me to finally open myself and become who i truly am.




This is awakening. Just listen to Mao, you will discover the simple truth about life. After this meeting, nothing will be the same. I love you!




I would be a fool if I would try to explain what happened with words. 

This experience is above all of limitations, above all boarders. 




I‘ve learned in one weekend more than I‘ve learned in 10 years of school.

Changed my whole life. We will definitely meet soon again! 

Testimonials from our participants

School of Consciousness

Love, Expression, Peace & Freedom!

Madre Tierra Amor School of Consciousness is a place to express ourselves, is a place to hold hands and grow together, is a place to share our inner selves!

Together we build up a communion, a common - feeling... the language of the heart!

Our purpose is to expand our creativity, our inner music, to create and express beautiful words!

Our purpose is to allow our inner child to be... to allow ourselves to melt in the Here and Now... to jump into the unknown... to melt with the ocean of Love!

Together we create a retreat center and an off grid oasis for self-consciousness seekers, personal development, class sessions and workshops using alternative energy of varying types and alternative design.


We define and guide our community of Lovers to be spiritual awake, have freedom, enjoy life and LIVING!, be economic self-reliant and practice diversity, consensus decision making and community participation.

Our interests lie in self-development as beautiful beings of Mother Earth!

We support this alternative way of life through

  • Creative Learning, Homeschooling & Parenting

  • Physical Rejuvenation & Emotional Healing, Yoga & Meditation

  • Native Rituals, alternative Retreats & Festivals

  • Ecological Living, Permaculture & Organic Gardening

You are welcome to organise deep connections, lectures, workshops, ceremonies etc... we are next to you, in front of you! We are mirrors.... reflections of Pachamama!!!

Madre Tierra Amor School of Consciousness is a place where time, space & ego disappears... in this beautiful feeling of emptiness, we are one, one Love!

Feel free to fly like an eagle, feel free to touch your inner sky.


The community of Madre Tierra Amor is located all around Europe, with a base in Poland.

Understand Who You Really Are

 Life-Changing Retreats with Mao
Healer & Life Coach from from Central America;

 Grandson of Tata Rosendo: shaman of the panchimalco tribe;

Student of Taita Lucho, one of the last indigenous healers from the Inga tribe  in the Amazonian Jungle in  Colombia South America.

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